About Irene

How do you make lemonade out of lemons? Just ask Irene McRae, lovingly called "Reene". Her life has literally been a lemonade stand. She is a survivor of attempted suicide and childhood sexual abuse. An avid writer since the age of 7, Irene always kept a journal that entailed her deepest thoughts and secrets. As a childhood loner, she always had a vivid imagination, in essence a writer was born. Due to the impact of  painful events of her past, she is an advocate of childhood sexual abuse awareness and suicide prevention. She is also involved with the advocacy of mental health, focusing primarily on how it impacts African American women. 

In August 2013, her blog, "Acknowledged Purpose" was birthed as a way of dealing with the experiences of past traumatic and heartbreaking events. Through her blog, she expresses her views on spirituality, social events, love, relationships, and lifestyle by using candid humor as coping mechanisms.  When she is not writing, daydreaming, or making people laugh, she is busy being an "empty nester" and mother of an independent college-attending daughter. In her free time, she likes to travel, especially to beaches, attend concerts, binge watch her favorite TV show, "The Wire", listen to Hip Hop, and live life peacefully.